Bevillian Flag

Bevillian Flag

The Bevillian Alliance is An allaince designed to rival the CCH, and as such, seeks to advance beyond the CCH's capabilities in Research, Military, and Economy. Unlike the CCH, The Bevillian Alliance does not require members to be a paticular form of goverment, and, as such, most members are Monarchies


The Bevillian Alliance is made up of Six nations, Double the CCH's three, and as such has a large variety of cultures in it's coverage. These are Bevillia, Milita, Talizora, Pheomen (An Ex-Member of the CCH), Sheldonland and Summer Falls.


The Chief Member of the Bevillian Alliance, and it's naming member, It has a Technological Level of Seven, The highest in the world, and Maintains a large Military Presence on Most Members Islands To bolster local Forces.


The Military Powerhouse of the Bevillian Alliance, It has the largest army of all the member states, and partakes in most major military offences.


Talizora is a very Secretive island, and is reputed to have a top-rate infiltration and assasination team.


Pheomen is the newest island to have joined the Alliance, it now is working on revamping it's ecomony.


A small island that is in the northern reaches of the island system, it has small military presence and a small, mostly localised economy.

Summer FallsEdit

Summer Falls is the Double-Monarchy that dominates the western reaches of Felciano, it is the home of the expensive Rainbow Fish

Military CapabilitiesEdit

The Alliance has a combined might larger than the CCH's, but the alliance has never been at all out war, and hopes it would never need to release it's full might.