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The CCH, also known as the Union of Socialist Nations, is a counter UN for communist members whom's views are not accounted for or respected by the primarily Monarchist nations of the UN, it has support from the people of some nations who seek to overthrow the shackle's imposed upon them.

Set up almost as quickly as the USSM, it is becoming a rival to western powers, and is continuing to gain support from member nations, and garner fear from the other nations.

The GoalsEdit

To spread Socialism to all the peoples and nations of the worlds, to create a fair classless Communist society, to advance

space and communication technolodgies, to dislodge the power of large independant companies, and make them instead the property

of the Government, to ensure ALL workers are treated equal.


The two permenent members are the USSM and Anime Isle, it was founded by the CCWP who sought to gain an end to the oppression of the working classe's, it has a single temporary member in Ahseemestan


The CCH has had one Ex-member, in the form of Pheomen, however in under a day of their joining, they were kicked out due to refusals to revert to communism, and further refusals to provide us with a chance to check their security risks and Military numbers, it is believe they were spies sent by the Capitalists in an effort to undermine the People of the World.

Military CapabilitiesEdit

While the CCH does not have as large a military as the BA, it is much better trained, and has previous battlefield experiance, additionally, as all U.S.S.M citizen's are prepared for Garrision duty, and can be called up for national servive at any time, it is believed they could outnumber the BA.